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About us

We started our small family business with a focus on designing, developing and sourcing high quality products for the international market because we saw opportunity for products that could be made to specifications that were better in form and function, and in most cases no more expensive than what was currently available. 

We cast a wide net and sought to combine the best of European and US design cultures with advanced manufacturing technologies in China to achieve products that were durable, different, and represented real value in terms of quality of raw materials, standards of manufacture, and price.  

As we went along we identified supply sources in countries that employed artisans who turned out unique and high quality products in limited numbers, suppliers who were respectful of intellectual property, were aligned with a philosophy of using sustainable work practices, and who executed business dealings with mutual trust and respect. As a result we are evolving to partner with supplying companies that care for the wellbeing of their workers as well as caring about leaving a smaller environmental footprint through informed management of resources.

We are a small business that places pride in our brand, and we pursue quality over profits. 

We add value wherever we can, and we understand that our success is wholly dependent on our customer’s satisfaction and confidence in our products.  We walk the extra mile to ensure that we are there for them on the rare occasion that something goes pear shaped.  We are always contactable, we answer every email, and we make it right.

Our four year journey has been eventful and never dull. It's been full of interest, discovery, and lessons learned as we navigated the vagaries of the e-commerce world, and its inhabitants.

In the process, we have come to truly appreciate the partnership we have with our customers, our suppliers, and the numerous other valuable stakeholders who walk the walk with us.

We welcome you to contact us.

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