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4 Pack Tie Down Straps in Carry Case - Orange/Blue


The majority of Tie Down Straps on the market were low break strength and sold on a blister pack or at best a canvas drawstring bag. We put together a Ratchet Tie DownStrap Kit in a hard plastic carry case, with all component parts certified to a breakstrength in excess of 2200lbs, for a selling price less than $30 in January 2018.

The kit contained 4 x 1" x 15' tie down straps and 4 "soft loops" for securing cargo that needed careful handling.  This was a class leading product with a 733lbs load capacity, 46% stronger than the usual maximum 1500lbs break strength ratchet buckles, straps, and hooks on offer in the market at the time.

Our customers rated it a 5 star product, "superior materials in a premium package at an affordable price"

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