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Our Featured Products.

Womens small nappa leather wallet.jpg
Womens and girls minimalist wallet

We asked skilled artisans working with the finest grade nappa leather to produce a small wallet to a design brief that called for holding just the three "essentials", credit cards, banknotes, and driver's licence/ID card, and which had attributes of durability, softness and pliability enabling it to be comfortably slipped into a pocket in a business suit, jeans, sports, or travel gear .


In the best "de-cluttering" tradition (Marie Kondo would approve) we designed a product with careful attention to detail, quality workmanship and great tactile feel, that can be carried in garments close to the body or in a very small handbag or purse

Small, beautiful, innovative, functional, and RFID well as being at the pinnacle of the quality scale - far removed from the confusion of "genuine leather" and "PU leather" products that abound. 

It's our wish to delight you with this wallet.

4 Pack Tie Down Straps in Carry Case - Orange/Blue

The majority of Tie Down Straps on the market were low break strength and sold on a blister pack or at best a canvas drawstring bag. We put together a Ratchet Tie DownStrap Kit in a hard plastic carry case, with all component parts certified to a breakstrength in excess of 2200lbs, for a selling price less than $30 in January 2018.

The kit contained 4 x 1" x 15' tie down straps and 4 "soft loops" for securing cargo that needed careful handling.  This was a class leading product with a 733lbs load capacity, 46% stronger than the usual maximum 1500lbs break strength ratchet buckles, straps, and hooks on offer in the market at the time.

Our customers rated it a 5 star product, "superior materials in a premium package at an affordable price"



Tie Down Strap Kit in hard carry case
Tie down straps in carry case
2 Pack Tie Down Straps in 16oz. Canvas Bag with brass zipper

We followed up the 4 pack Ratchet Tie Down Straps with a "2 pack" with the same high specifications in May 2018, selling for less than $20.  We "bonused" the kit with a high  quality 16oz canvas tool bag with brass zipper and included 2 "soft loops" as an essential for securing loads to non-standard connection points.

Again, this was a 5 star rated product, however component costs escalated to a non-viable level and the 2 pack kit was discontinued



Extra Heavy Duty Kit.jpg
Quality features.jpg
Foot Rest in Black and Gray

We introduced this product in June 2018, selling for less than $20. Made from high resiliency foam it perfectly achieved that sweet spot between being too soft to properly sustain knee elevation, posture and better circulation, and being too hard to give your legs, feet and back alignment the support needed. 

Dimensions were 17.5" x 12" x 4" high with a "non-slip" base and easy to zip off cover for cleaning.

A great 5 star product discontinued for the same reasons as the 20 ft tow strap.

1 black footrest with socks.jpg
Color options Gray_Black.jpg
Carbon Fiber Rollerball Pen

We brought this product to market in August 2016, selling for less than $20.  A brilliant classic design witha unique 3K Plain Wave carbon fiber barrel, no moving parts, a smooth clip that couldn't snag pockets, no risk of ink leaking when carrying, and no risk of losing the cap. Just a satisfying click when securing the cap to either end of the pen...

1 Pen in gift box.jpg
Premium refill for Davstrom pen.jpg
35000lb Tow Strap.jpg
35,000lb Break Strength Tow Strap

We introduced a 30ft, 35,000lb breakstrength vehicle tow/recovery strap to the market in July 2016.  It was a premium professional use product that was great low cost insurance for any type of motorist/equipment operator to have in the trunk for unforeseen emergencies.

We followed this product up with the 20ft version pictured, that was more compact but still offered the same break-strength as the dual layer 30ft version it replaced, for a $10 less selling price.

A highly rated 5 star product, it was discontinued when cheaper PRC products with lesser attributes and lower ratings, saturated the market in early 2019.....

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